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Step into a world where ancient traditions meet contemporary design with our handwoven natural palm fiber baskets. Created by talented indigenous women from a coastal community in Ecuador, each basket tells a story of resilience and cultural heritage.


(Measurements may vary slightly, each basket is unique since is handmade)

Round Small : 7" diam, 6.5" h

Medium : 10" x 10", 5" h

Large : 11" x 11", 5.5" h


Carludovica palmata is a tropical American, palm-like perennial. The leaves are folded fan-like along their length, giving the foliage a graceful and plicate appearance. The international Panama Hat (Made in Ecuador) is made with the same plant.


It takes more than 5 hours to make one basket, so the quality and the craftsmanship are unique. These baskets are absolutely beautiful and a must have if you want a natural touch at home.

FAIRE TRADE: Being Ecuadorian allows me to work directly with this talented, humble, kind and wonderful group of women to try and build a better future for our people in Ecuador.

For generations, these women have honed their craft, passing down techniques through generations. Back in time, when Spanish colonizers arrived in Ecuador, the indigenous Chachis community decided to leave their home and start a new life in the rainforest of Esmeraldas Province. They built new homes made of wood and searched for oportunities for their future. The women found a way to support their families by selling their baskets, but this community's way of life has become threatened by Colombian and Mexican cartels invading their towns and recruiting young men for their purposes.

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